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What can we do while not working on clients?

Create, Cultivate, Collaborate

Let’s look for a silver lining, shall we? Just because you aren’t working with the public doesn’t mean YOU can’t be working for your business, clients, and profession through a temporary downtime.

Here are some projects that you can do to help strengthen your business in the midst of this pandemic and keep clients engaged.


Reach out to other LMTs in your area to provide moral support - as we lift each other, we lift the entire profession.

Deep clean your place of business (if you already haven’t several times by now)

Update your websites - Need help with this? Willing to help others with this? We will be posting on FB to help connect members with each other.

Office work

  1. Go through your files

  2. update your records

  3. check the condition of your equipment.

Other revenue

  1. Offer online packages/vouchers to be used when this starts to clear up. We recommend packages/vouchers with specific refundable dates rather than gift certificates.

a. This way the money is available for use to you at the time of purchase

b. You can spread out the timing of redemption so you aren’t swamped at a later date with no income because everyone is using their certificates at once.

2. Make/Sell products you use

Stay in contact with your clients.

  1. Share healthy at home habits, stress reducing foods, aromas, and activities.

  2. Do live social media videos on self massage.

  3. Send them individual messages to brighten their day and let them know you are thinking of them as an individual.

Consider taking online continuing education.

  1. AMTA has many available for free!

  2. There are also MANY local AMTA-NE members who offer online classes.

    1. Join social networking boards to connect with each other.

  3. There are many other credible online CE courses.

    1. Reaching out to other LMTs to find out which classes they recommend

  4. Keep in mind, right now Nebraska limits the number of online CEs applicable to licensure. But, we know our members are more concerned with being the best therapists they can be rather than only taking CEs for licensure. Remember your goals and how you want to stay on top of your game. Don’t count CE’s, make the CE’s count towards your goals.

You may qualify for SBA loan and Disaster Unemployment Assistance Program

Please know we are thinking of you in these difficult times. We know we are stronger together. Please join us in our FB discussions by sharing what you are doing during this time. The more we pull together the better we will emerge as people, therapists, and a profession.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!

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