"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"

-Helen Keller


Your strengths are needed!

Why Volunteer

Dear valued member,

What does it mean to be an AMTA member? We as a board and I personally have been contemplating this question. Is it just something we as massage therapists say we are members of, without thought as to why? Or perhaps, does our membership exist primarily for the insurance coverage and great discounts you receive and need as a working professional? What does your AMTA membership and local association mean to you?


I would argue it should mean all of these things, but also so much more. Your AMTA membership means advancing the massage profession forward, and this is especially true in the state of Nebraska!


Your membership dues have been hard at work over the past year, defending against those who seek to send our profession backwards in standards and professionalism. Your membership dues have educated many therapists around the state, assisting in growing their knowledge base as professionals, further solidifying our profession as an integrative part in the healthcare industry, your membership dues have helped pave the way for a newer massage therapists to grow and thrive in the profession by advocating for strict ethical standards and compliance.


Your membership dues are put to good work! However, all of these things your association does, are right now done with the dedicated help of only a handful of already very busy professionals, willing to make the time and effort to give back to their professional association by volunteering.

On a personal note, being a member and volunteering my time has opened so many opportunities to network with other professionals from around the state and the country, ones that I would have never imagined shortly after graduating from massage therapy school. Yes, there are times as one of your elected state representatives where i have questioned why i would add to my already busy schedule and a plate full of to do’s by volunteering my already precious time. However, the personal and professional reward for doing so has meant so much more to me than the sacrifice of time. I encourage you to volunteer. I say, if you are even thinking about volunteering, do it! IT IS WORTH IT!


Imagine the possibilities of what we could do as an association if more of our members agree to volunteer and give back to advance the profession forward. I know what you are thinking; you are saying to yourself, “I want to help, but I can not dedicate that much time.” Well this chapter can use as little or as much help as you can give. From simple tasks like making a phone call, to more complicated tasks such as helping a committee member finalize details of an upcoming event. Whatever amount of time you are willing to dedicate, is still time that is given back to moving your profession forward.


Looking at the association’s agenda for 2018 it is clear that we must continue to provide you with excellent opportunities to advance your careers and the massage therapy profession as well as maintain a strong government relations stance within our state… otherwise, our profession could not only stay stagnant, but worse -fall backward


I am personally asking you to consider helping AMTA: Nebraska by volunteering your time so that we as your AMTA elected officials can continue to advocate on your behalf efficiently and effectively. We’ve made it easy for you, just click on the tabs “Volunteer Form” and “Code of Conduct,” fill out the forms, and we’ll be in touch. 


Mitchell Lowry-Lee, LMT

AMTA-Nebraska Board Member/ Newsletter Editor



Volunteer Form

So you want to volunteer? That's Great! Help us get to know you.

To ensure eligibility, the Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct form must be filled out along with the AMTA-NE Volunteer Form. 


Online Elections

Call for Candidates 2019

As a member-driven organization, we are as strong as our volunteers. 

Network, have fun and make a difference. Consider running, AMTA-NE needs YOU!!


These elected positions are open, click on position for descriptions. Professional and Graduate members in good standing may apply. All positions are a 2-year term (2019-2021.)

Please read over this list to ensure you have the time, skills, and tools needed to successfully fulfill the position duties.

  • Familiarity with your job description, found by clicking on the position links above. (After reading the job description, direct any questions to the president or current board member.)

  • A team spirit and the ability to have fun being productive.

  • A commitment to get the job done.  

  • A commitment to attend board teleconferences, and board and chapter meetings.

  • Telephone to answer phone calls and participate in teleconferences.

  • Internet access and knowledge to communicate with other members

  • Email access to receive email and documents.

  • Transportation to meetings and chapter events.

2020 Elections Timeline


Please pay close attention to the following dates. Nominations and votes will not be accepted from the floor at the State Convention. Any vacant positions will be elected by the chapter board of directors and will serve until the next election.

02/099/2020 - Call for Candidates/Applications Accepted

03/10/2020 - Deadline for Applications

03/24/2020 - Elections Open

04/08/202 - Elections Close

04/18/2020 - Announce Results at Annual Meeting

Elections Coordinator, Tess, will review your application to ensure candidate eligibility. Please complete the Online Application, sign the Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct and head shot or video before 5:00pm Feb. 25th 2019. Follow the links below. 

Accepted candidates’ pictures/videos and bios will be published on the AMTA-NE website and with our online election vendor for members to view during the election process. Elections will be online via our election vendor, Simply Voting. If you have questions, please contact Tess.

online elections coordinator

Trieste Wortman, LMT KTP RYT.

Contact Us

The quickest way to reach us is the contact form above, but if you can contact us via phone as well. 

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