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nebraska state regulatory board

For the most up to date information on licensing and regulations please click below to visit Nebraska's Dept of Health and Human Services

Licensure of Massage Therapists

Initial Licensing Requirements

Licensure by Reciprocity

Continuing Education Requirements

Failure to Renew

Licensure LMT

Initial Requirements for

Licensure of Nebraska Massage Therapists

1. Be at least 19 years old


2. Have completed a course of study in massage therapy (at least 1,000 hours) in not less than 9 months.


a. 100 hours in each of the following areas:

  • Anatomy;

  • Health Service Management;

  • Hydrotherapy;

  • Hygiene and Practical Demonstration;

  • Massage;

  • Pathology;

  • Physiology;

b. The remaining 300 hours must be in subject areas related to the clinical practice of massage therapy.


3. Pass NCTMB or MBLEx Examination

Ed Requirements

Licensure by Reciprocity

An applicant who is licensed in another state and has not completed 1,000 hours of training in massage therapy, may obtain hours to equal the required 1,000 hours of training through


  • a massage therapy program

  • a college/university

  • work experience

  • and/or continuing education.


The applicant is not required to have attained the required hours in each of the areas listed above.


Hour equivalents may be granted in the following manner:

  • 50-60 minutes equals 1 hour obtained from a course of study in massage therapy;

  • 1 semester credit hour of massage therapy related college/university hours equals 15 hours;

  • 100 hours for each year of full time practice as a massage therapist; and/or

  • Up to 100 hours obtained from NCBTMB or FSMTB approved continuing education programs


Must pass NCTMB or MBLEx Examinations


Must pass Board developed jurisprudence examination, with a score of at least 75%.


Continuing Education Requirements

Mandatory CE Hours:


  • 3 Ethics Hours (can be online)

  • 14 Hands-on Hours at workshops (cannot be online) each renewal period (1 hour of attendance = 1 credit).

    •  The content of the hands-on hours must include at least

      • 75% HANDS-ON technique

      • and may include up to 25% theory related to hands-on technique; and

  • The agenda must reflect a set period of time for class participation (hands-on practice).


Optional CE Hours:

  • National Examination

    • 7 credits for passing the examination;

  • Publication

    • 7 credits for an article published in a professional health related journal;

    • Newsletter article or letter to the editor does not meet this requirement;

  • Jurisprudence Examination on State Laws (50 question take home test).

    • 3 credits for passing (75% or above);

  • Instructor at a Massage Therapy School

    • 1.5 credits will be granted for each hour of teaching up to a maximum of 7 hours;

  • Practical Examination (must be administered by a Nebraska Licensed Massage Therapy School).

    • 3 credits

  • Massage School Training / College or University Coursework

    • Resident/distance.

      • 1 hour of training = 1 credit, 1 semester college credit hour = 15 credits,

      • 1 quarter college credit = 10 credits, up to a maximum of 7 credits;

  • Workshops and Lectures (Continuing Education Programs).

    • 1 credit for each 50 minutes of participation up to a maximum of 7 credits

  • Home Study Programs

    • Only home study programs relating to ethics will be acceptable for renewal. Up to a maximum of 7 credits will be granted.


Presenter Credit: A presenter may receive credit for only the initial presentation during a renewal period.


Program Approval: The Board does not approve continuing education programs. Each licensee must determine if the program is an acceptable topic area for massage therapy.

Cont. Ed

Failure to Renew

A credential expires if a credential holder fails to:

  • Notify the Department that s/he wants to place his/her credential on inactive status upon its expiration;

  • Meet the requirements for renewal on or before the date of expiration of his/her credential; or

  • Otherwise fails to renew his/her credential.


Failure to Renew: A credential automatically expires without further notice or opportunity for hearing if a credential holder fails by the expiration date of the credential to either:

  • Submit documentation of continuing competency; or

  • Pay the required renewal fee.


Failure to Meet Continuing Competency Requirements: The Department will refuse to renew a credential, after notice and opportunity for hearing, if a credential holder fails to meet the continuing competency requirements for renewal by the expiration date of the credential.

Right to Practice: When an individual’s credential expires, the right to represent him/herself as a credential holder and to practice massage therapy expires.


Practice After Expiration: An individual who practices after expiration of his/her credential is subject to assessment of an administrative penalty under 172 NAC 81-011 or such other action as provided in the statutes and regulations governing the credential.

Reinstatement of an Expired Credential: If a credential holder wants to resume the practice of massage therapy after failing to renew his/her credential by the expiration date, s/he must apply to the Department for reinstatement as specified in 172 NAC 81-010.

Failure to Renew
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