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Nebraska Covid-19 Info

Understanding different GoveRnment directives (Last Updated 6/22/2020)

There are primarily three different places Nebraskans are getting Directive Health Measures (DHMs)

  1. National

    1. mostly CDC and Whitehouse recommendations at this point.

    2. example - 45 days to slow the spread.

  2. State

    1. Nebraska DHHS and the Governor's Office

    2. ​​These are the more general directives

    3. County by county

    4. Statewide DHM issued 4/9/20 closing massage therapy statewide until April 30

    5. Executive Orders

    6. Governor Press Releases​​

  3. Local Health Departments

    1. These are more specific to the area​

    2. List of County Directives

    3. Follow State DHMs but can expand on them to include specific professions and business types

    4. Do not have to follow what other counties/departments are doing. 

    5. Most of these do span multiple counties and will usually specify their DHMs to counties.

Ne health departments.png

Where Do I find Information I need?

Underlined are direct links to the stated websites.

  1. National

    1. CDC​

    2. White House

  2. State

    1. DHHS​

      1. State DHMs

    2. Governor 

  3. Local Health Departments

    1. Contact info on all health departments in Nebraska

    2. Highly suggest you follow your OWN department on their Facebook page. They are posting ALL announcments that pertain to your area. 

    3. Also, follow AMTA-NE and AMTA on FB for latest info

  4. National AMTA

Where do I find Info for Financial Help?

Underlined are direct links to the stated info.

Looking for NAICS code? Use 621399, “Offices of All Other Miscellaneous Health Practitioners” -> Massage therapists' offices (e.g., centers, clinics).

  1. Nebraska Department of Labor

    1.  Disaster Unemployment Assistance

    2. Covid-19 Resources and Information

  2. Small Business Administration

    1. Nebraska Local Resources

    2. Covid-19 Small Business Guidance and Loan Resources

  3. Legal Assistance

    1. Free legal help for Nebraskans affected by Covid-19

  4. Payroll Protection Program (PPP) Information 

    1. From the Federal Treasury Department​

    2. Check with your Local Bank for your application information

  5. AMTA Insurance Info

    1. National's statement regarding insurance coverage and government mandates:

    2. AMTA's liability insurance, provided through HPSO, requires that covered AMTA members are appropriately licensed to provide professional services and that they comply with state, federal, and facility guidelines relative to scope of practice and practice setting.

    3. If there is a government order that mandates non-essential businesses close, and massage therapy is not considered essential in that governmental jurisdiction, then the therapist would be practicing outside of the governmental order, guidance, law or regulation; and coverage would be excluded in the event of a claim.

    4. Call HPSO with specific questions about AMTA's coverage: 1-888-253-1474.

  6. Nebraska Emergency Response Program - via gener8tor

    1. Program participants will be invited to attend daily, lunch-time webinars with experts in the following topics:

    2. Step-by-step process on applying for SBA loan & grant programs

    3. Civic, philanthropic and state-based emergency relief resources

    4. Employment law experts to navigate changes required by new laws

    5. Federal emergency relief programs (e.g. CARES Act)

    6. Mental health and wellness resources for small business owners

    7. In addition to the daily webinars, gener8tor will hold one-on-one consultations with small businesses (virtual meetings between small business owners and the gener8tor team). Our goal with the one-on-one meetings is to help businesses identify, understand and engage with resources to help them during this crisis.

Also, contact your banks, landlords, utilities departments, credit cards, and other monthly expenses. Many places are giving deferments when you tell them you are out of work because of Covid-19.


ALL of Nebraska is in Phase IV. 


*Be advised, local municipalities have specific ordinances - ie Lincoln and Omaha have mask mandates. 

*AMTA and AMTA-NE have not changed our suggested protocols or recommendations.


More Info can be found HERE

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