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Impact Makers July 2024

Introducing AMTA-Member Theresa Ernst of Lincoln, NE, one of this year’s Nebraska Chapter's IMPACT MAKERS.

Here's is the info you should know about Theresa in her own words:

LMT years: 11 years

AMTA years: 2  years 

Where do you practiceLincoln, The Body Shoppe LMT and Massage Envy franchise LMT

What Massage Modalities do you practice: Deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, assisted stretch are my favorite and most commonly used modalities. I also have a deep passion for compassionate touch techniques that I have used in a hospice setting. Others I also enjoy including in my practice are Swedish massage and exfoliation spa treatments!

How do you spend time outside of work: My three year old son is my pride and joy. I love to come home and spend time with him and my husband Josef. I love being outside in nature and also watching movies.

How do you promote the massage therapy profession in your community: I hope that through my work I am promoting massage therapy to my community. Providing the highest degree of professionalism and care that I'm capable of has often resulted in referrals. I love the word of mouth promotion. But not only that, I have worked with many clients who are new to massage and being able to help them lead a more pain free life and showing them the tools to continue the progress or maintain it has been impactful for me. I hope to continue to expand the promotion in other ways as I truly am enthusiastic about the possibilities and benefits from massage!

Do you have any words of wisdom to share that have helped you in your career:   

Please remember to practice what you preach! Take care of yourself as you would your clients with stretching and massage regularly. Longevity is possible in this career! It's much easier to put all the care into your clients if YOU also put as much care into yourself! 

Also, an awesome myofascial release instructor of the most recent continuing education class I attended said something so simple but so impactful to me that it has made a difference in my day to day practice. He said "Try and pretend that it is the first time you've worked on your client every time you see them." I have often found myself feeling 'stuck' or not able to gain the amount of progress in a certain amount of time for people. This advice has helped me from getting "tunnel vision" and taking a step back to reconsider the body as a whole and how it's amazing and complex workings contribute to each other. For example if I'm treating a client but they only get relief that lasts for hours, days, or just a week or so it could be time to step back from the more obvious areas and start searching for other places in the body where it is tight or tender because sometimes the answer is there!

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