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Impact Makers July 2023

Introducing AMTA-Nebraska member Kim Adams Johnson of Lincoln, NE, this month’s IMPACT MAKER.

Here is what you should know about Kim in her own words:

LMT Years: 23

AMTA Years: 23

Business (where, type): Lincoln, my own business

What Modalities Do You Practice: Deep Tissue, Asian Restorative Massage, Chinese Medical Massage, Sports Massage, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, some Craniosacral.

Family/Life outside of work: I love being outdoors. I enjoy gardening immensely and usually have a big vegetable patch and flower bed. I am an Ambassador for Cigar Rights of America. I am also helping a friend open a bar.

How do you promote the massage therapy profession in your community: It is mostly word of mouth, now. I speak with a lot of people about what Massage is and what Massage isn't. I try to educate in a conversational way, without being overbearing. At my second job, in a bar, I encounter quite a few lobbyists, legislative aides, Senators, "influential" people, so, I always try to engage and educate.

In what ways do you participate in your community: I am on the AMTA Nebraska Board. I am very active during the legislative session, write lots of letters, call numerous Senators and testify in person on a variety of topics.

Do you have any words of wisdom to share that have helped you in your career: Do not be afraid of the word "No". We will hear it, everyday. Use it in an empowering way, for yourself, to set healthy boundaries, and maintain your personal health. Also, never stop learning and evolving.

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