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Impact Makers January 2023

Introducing AMTA-Member and current Board member and Government Relations superhero Briana Cudly of Fremont, NE, one of this years Nebraska Chapter's IMPACT MAKERS

As a recap: Last year's Member of the Month spotlight has now merged into a spotlight that introduces your chapter's Impact Makers. We want to highlight all of the hard working therapists across from all parts of this great state! To be featured in one of our IMPACT MAKER posts visit, or email Honors and Awards Committee Chair Amber Fader

Here's is the info you should know about Briana in her own words

LMT years: 18

AMTA years: 5 (after returning)

Impacting the profession for how many years 5

Business: 18 years Owner/Lead Therapist, Cudly Massage and Wellness now located in Fremont NE.

Family: I am married with two kids, two dogs, and a lots of bonus kids who live around the world (exchange students.) My husband is a District Administrator for Fremont Public Schools.

My daughter is a senior at Oklahoma State University majoring in Theater. My son is a freshman at UNL majoring in Electrical Engineering.

What impact you bring to the chapter: I am a Board Member, Government Relations Committee Chair and Co-Chair of Communications Committee. These past years of volunteering I have used my passion for massage therapy as a healthcare profession to advance our position in the state at national level. This passion has always been in me, but came to the forefront several years ago when there was an onslaught of legislative bills trying to dismantle our profession. That was the turning point and I decided I needed to be in a position to make an impact, surround myself with others wanting to make a difference, and get to it. I decided it didn’t matter how busy I was running a business, providing therapy, and raising a family; our profession needs people willing to volunteer to keep us moving in the right direction, I can’t complain if I am not willing to do my part. Being a volunteer with AMTA-NE surrounded me with people who have helped me identify skills I already had then hone and direct them to greatest effect. I have been able to help lead our members into making a positive difference at the state and national level. I have made networking connections, learned more about my profession, strengthened my own convictions, and made lifelong friends. I know my impact on the chapter is peanuts compared to the chapter’s impact on me. I am honored to be a part of it.

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