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Impact Makers December 2023

Introducing AMTA-Member and our new Chapter Financial Administrator, Marlene Olguin of Norfolk, NE, one of this year’s Nebraska Chapter's IMPACT MAKERS.

Here's is the info you should know about Marlene in her own words:

LMT years: 2 years

AMTA years: 3 years

Where do you practice: Norfolk in home office.

What Massage Modalities do you practice: Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, Cupping, hot stone. Gua-sha, chair, soon manual lymph drainage Oct 23

How do you spend time outside of work: Travelling and making memories.

How do you promote the massage therapy profession in your community: Always educate my clients and the community about the health benefits of Massage. It is not a luxury it is Healthcare.

In what ways do you participate in your community: I am a part of the chamber of commerce. The small business council, Norfolk Now project, I donate gift baskets to churches, schools and benefits held in our community.

Do you have any words of wisdom to share that have helped you in your career: Listen to your clients, build that trust.

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