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Impact maker

We’d like to introduce to you our new campaign: Impact Makers.

Our Member of the Month spotlight has evolved into a spotlight that introduces you, the Impact Makers, of the AMTA-NE Chapter. We want to highlight all of the hard-working, passionate massage therapists from across from this great state!

So, who is an Impact Maker? An Impact Maker is a Licensed Massage Therapist who not only provides quality care to their clients, but also works to add quality into their community. Outreach activities can include: educating the public on the benefits of massage therapy at in-person group events or on social media, volunteering for a local organization, raising funds/awareness for a local charity, or any other creative, engaging activity that produces awareness of our profession with your leadership.

With your participation, we hope to create a stronger sense of community amongst the AMTA members and highlight your impact within your community.

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