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Government Relations Update

Big news on the GR front!

Monday January 22, 2024 will have two of our bills on the legistaure floor for a vote

  1. LB78 - Updating the definition of massage therapy - we expect this bill to have all three readings pretty quickly tomorrow. We are very excited about this and appreciate Sen. Day for introducing this bill and making it a priority bill. Also much appreciation to Speaker Arch for making this bill a speaker priority - it is the earliest speaker priority bills have ever been on the floor and we are the first of them all. Fingers crossed the vote goes well!

  2. LB16 - changing requirements for occupational boards to issue licenses. This is the bill we were opposed to last session and made calls about in October during National Massage Therapy Awareness Week. Well, it looks like all those emails and phone calls paid off because Sen. Conrad has submitted Amendment 2102 making pretty drastic changes to the bill. We are waiting on some clarification from our lobbyist on details at this point, but we are pleasantly surprised with the changes and have our fingers crossed we can support the amendment.

You can live stream the floor debate here

And some more good news:

We found out Friday that massage therapy has been removed from ALL proposed taxation bills! This is so much better than we expected.

All the years of hard work by volunteers, members, lobbyists, and our support systems over the years are to thank for this! Your phone calls, emails, and dedication make a HUGE difference.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much - Helen Keller

We will update you when we have more info. Keep your eyes on our social media.

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