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Get your AMTA-NE Gear. Hurry Ordering Ends Soon!

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Show off your member pride!

All-NEW FOR 2019

‼️ These are only available via pre-order. You can pick up your order at convention, but there will not be any available for purchase at convention. ‼️

AMTA- has partnered with Eclipse Screen Printing and have thoughtfully chosen 3 garment options in some of the softest material that represents AMTA-NE's color scheme.

Orders for these Items being taken NOW thru March 18th. Hurry Don't miss out on your chance show your solidarity for one of the best AMTA Chapters around.

Reminder: Orders can be shipped or picked up at the 2019 AMTA-NE State Convention

To purchase any of these options and show of your AMTA-NE pride

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