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2022 Awards Winners Announced

This year at the 2022 AMTA-Nebraska State Chapter meeting held April 1st in Fremont Nebraska the 2022 award recipients were announced.

Congratulations go out to:

Wade Alberts of Ainsworth Nebraska

Winner of the 2022 Sports Massage Achievement Award.

Wade Alberts was nominated for this award because of his dedication to helping athletes reach their performance goals. Additionally, he collaborates with all members of the sports healthcare team, communicates diligently and respectfully with each professional, and has a yearning to learn from all healthcare professionals, while they learn from him. Wade’s persistence to bring massage therapy to athletes of all performance levels has served to ignite a passion in his fellow massage therapists and inspires them to keep learning and doing their part to move the profession forward. His success on the local, state and global stages has and will continue to have a positive impact on the massage therapy profession. The AMTA-NE Chapter was honored to recognize Wade with the 2022 Sports Achievement Award.

Wade Alberts was also informed of his nomination for the National AMTA Sports Massage Achiever award. This award recognizes a LMT who has enhanced the visibility, prestige and acceptance of sports massage and sports massage therapists to the general public and other components of the sports community. The presentation of this award will be at the AMTA National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Charles Zabokrtsky of Lincoln, Nebraska

Winner of the 2022 Gladys G. Weiler President's Award

Charles has been an AMTA member for over 20 years. He has stepped into various volunteer roles throughout his membership. Last year, Charles helped out with our chapter’s preservation project by digitizing all our history pages and pictures. Recently, he has been volunteering for our Membership Committee by mailing out our welcome letters to new members. Not only does he advance our profession with his volunteering, but he is also a mentor. He gladly shares his knowledge with other LMTs; he enjoys conversations that explore topics regarding new and old theories of treatment, the wonderment of the human body, and the advancement of the massage therapy profession.

Amber Fader of Lincoln, Nebraska

Winner of the 2022 Meritorious Award

Amber Fader has been a volunteer for our chapter for over 5 years now. She started as our Honors/Awards Committee Chair, then moved into Secretary, and then Board Member. Due to no new volunteers these past two year, she has filled the roles of all three. She continually goes above and beyond, never complains, and commits her everything when helping the AMTA-NE chapter. Amber is responsible with all her duties, focused on projects and deadlines, is creative and thinks outside the box when it comes to honoring others and loves to learn. Through the years, she has revamped the Honors/Awards Committee and continually seeks for member involvement and recognition.

Congratulations to all of these outstanding winners this year and for making a lasting impact on this chapter.

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