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Suggested Protocols for Return to Work

What a crazy time we are in, some therapists in the state are able to return to work next week while others are still in mandated shut down. We know the decision on whether to return or not can be a difficult one. Everyone's situation is different: different locations, different clientele, different work conditions, different economics. Please know you can reach out to us at anytime with questions.

We have been in touch with the Governor's Task Force as well as health departments about what will be required for us to return to work. We haven't seen the final documents, some health departments are looking at putting out their own The good news is as a healthcare profession we already have many standard regulations and protocols that are sufficient for returning to work. It is a matter of refreshing memories, reevaluating and expanding on norms, and accommodating some new measures. 

Follow this link to view the document we shared with the task force and health departments. These are our suggested protocols. The only mandates at this time (8:30am May 1, 2020) is our state statute, regulations, and the Governor's extra mandate of everyone wearing masks. I will update if/when this info changes.

Feel free to contact us with questions. Stay safe, stay healthy.

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