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Some positive news - and we need you!

We are excited to announce LB244 has moved forward to general file.

Next step - get it on the consent calendar.

What do we ask of you? It is super simple, yet extremely important. We need you to send an email {I know, a huge surprise, right 😆}

Please take a moment to write a very quick email to Sen. Jim Scheer Feel free to copy and paste.


Sen. Scheer

Distritc 19

Rm 2010

PO BOX 94604

Lincoln Ne 68509

Dear Sen Scheer,

I fully support LB244, providing mobile massage establishments, and ask you to advance it to the consent calendar.

This is a very good bill, providing solid framework for what is acceptable and eliminates blurry lines, keeping both the public safety and the safety of the massage therapist in mind. I appreciate the work Sen. Erdman put into this bill and his attention to detail. I am excited about the opportunities mobile massage establishments will provide to therapists and the residents of Nebraska.

Thank you for your time and please advance LB244 to the Consent Calendar.




Once again, let's pull together, make some noise, but this time lets get things moving in a positive direction and advance massage therapy in Nebraska.

* We may be small but we are mighty.

* Alone we can do so little - together we can do so much. (Hellen Keller)

* TEAMWORK: A few harmless flakes working together to unleash an avalanche of destruction. (Justin Sewell)

Your voice matters.

These are our mantras. I cannot do this without you. The leadership board cannot do this without you. Our membership is rocking it right now, how great is it to be a Nebraska Massage Therapist right now? The good life really is in good hands! 😀 THANK YOU!!!

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