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NMTAW Government Relations Meet-up

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Tuesday October 25 6:30pm Virtual - members please check your email for a link. If you don't find it please reach out via email!

1. Distinguished Service Award Presentation

I hope to see all of our members join us to show our overwhelming thanks to Sen. Hilkemann.

I am so excited for the GR meetup on Tuesday 10/25. We have waited MONTHS to personally thank Sen. Hilkemann for his

actions on the debate floor regarding LB709, AM1936 on April 8, 2022.

We are presenting him with our Distinguished Service Award for his dedication to upholding Nebraska massage therapy standards, ensuring the safety of the public, and acknowledging us as an important link in the healthcare field!

LB709 would have required the Nebraska Board of Massage Therapy to issue a license to anyone who has worked in the profession in another state who hasn’t had their licensed revoked and isn’t under investigation - regardless of training or lack thereof - creating dangerous loopholes in licensing of Nebraska massage therapists, creating discrepancy in competency and professionalism while opening doors to bad actors.

2. Meet our Lobbyists

Not to over simplify it too much, but Kent Rogert and Angela Amack are the superheroes of our Government Relations Team. They educate us on how things work, keep us up to date on the happenings at the capitol, advocate on our behalf, and are overall just super cool people who truly care about us and our profession.

Not only will your presence help show your thanks for all the do for massage therapy, but they will be giving us a quick preview of what to expect this upcoming legislative season and how you can have an impact.

3. GR Chair

I am discussing three primary topics

  • IMpact - the proposed interstate massage therapy licensing compact and how it could impact Nebraska

  • Our vision for future legislation

  • Our push for Clear, Concise, Consistent messaging about massage therapy, therapists, and establishments at the local, state, and national level.

  • How you can get involved to make the greatest impact

4. Open Discussion from Members

This is meant to be a Q&A time and your chance to ask questions, offer ideas, and provide feedback about GR happenings.

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