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New Things Possibly in Store with Massage Therapy Regulation Revisions

You may or may not know, in 2017 Gov. Ricketts ordered a stop to all work on all rules and regulations. Instead, Boards were to begin revisions to eliminate repetitive language and determine if the public was actually in mind with each regulation.

Recently, ALL Boards were ordered to review and revise ALL regulations by the end of summer. The Massage Therapy Regulatory Board started working on this two years ago and are in a really good place; they should have it submitted quite soon. (From what I understand this isn't the case with many boards, so hats off to ours! They have put in a lot of work.)

As you can imagine, this is a HUGE undertaking. I'm not even going to go into the number of hoops these changes have to go through before they are actually implemented. Just know it will take a while before any changes are implemented.

Along with eliminating repetitive language, here are a few changes proposed by the MT Board


2018 Cadaver Class - UNK
  • Allow more classes for initial licensure to be taken online, including Anatomy, Health Service Management, Pathology and Physiology.

  • Clinical practice may be obtained through internship

  • Continuing Education decreased to 16 hours every two years with the opportunity to take up to eight hours of this online. This does change the amount of credits given for optional hours such as publications, jurisprudence test, etc.


2018 Lincoln Marathon - UNL
  • Clarification on what is deemed and Establishment for Licensure, for example health fairs and corporate massage do not need an Establishment License.

  • Excluding part of the alcohol clause. LMTs still cannot consume, but alcohol can be on site if there is a legal liquor license. For example, bridal parties can bring in champagne to the establishment.

What do you all think about these proposed changes? Do you hope they all make it through the circus of reviews?

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