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LB507 LB508 Hearings: Taxation of Massage Therapy

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Friday March1 1:30pm-??

Rm 1525

Hearing date has been set for the last two taxation bills. These bills are slightly different because the do have an exemption of " except when prescribed by a licensed health care professional"

We have set up an event, please RSVP yes or no to stay in the loop. You can attend and have your voice heard without speaking, you can sign in on the white paper at the entrance to the hearing room, state your opposition and be considered present.

You can also have your testimony submitted in writing if you would like. Email your letter to NO LATER than 5:00pm Wednesday Feb. 27

Because in Nebraska Massage Therapy is a licensed healthcare profession, we are asking they strike everything pertaining to massage therapy, or add the clause "except when preformed within scope of practice of a licensed massage therapist or other healthcare professional."

These bills are similar to the previous two, so you can switch out the bill numbers and use the same template we used for LB314 and LB497. BUT it would be better to address the main difference in these bill, a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional.

You can use this information below and personal experience to write your letter and make phone calls.


Like all Nebraska Licensed Health Professions, Massage Therapists

- are licensed healthcare professionals through the DHHS. -have a regulatory board dedicated to our profession - Nebraska Board of Massage Therapy - and have profession specific regulations - 172 NAC 81-83 -have profession specific statute - Nebraska Massage Therapy Practice Act - are included in the Credentialing Act

- covered by many insurance plans, the VA, FLEX, HSA, Medicare Advantage, Workman's Comp, and Personal Injury

Massage Therapy in Nebraska is a licensed healthcare profession and in Nebraska we do not tax healthcare, please remove massage therapy from these bills.


***If you would like your letters included in official testimony, please email them to me NO LATER than 5:00pm Wednesday February 27.

More information, including Revenue Committee Contact Info can be found on our Government Relations page on our website.

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