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COVID-19 Vaccine and Massage Therapy

Updated: Feb 14, 2021


Briana Cudly

Board Member/Gov't Relations Chair


Good News Massage Therapists!

We have confirmed that Massage Therapists in Nebraska are included with "other therapists" as outlined by the Covid-19 Vaccine rollout in Nebraska. That means we are included in Phase 1A, Tier 4 when those groups are called up to receive the vaccine, IF you would like to receive the vaccine.

The difficulty is knowing WHEN that will be because.

  • Every health department is at a different point in their distribution schedule right now, some of your respective health depts might get to tier 4 sooner than others.

  • They are reaching out in different ways.

Don’t worry I got this!

Breathe easy, I have already been in direct contact with all health departments in Nebraska. The biggest obstacle they had was contacting LMTs so …I tried to make it easier for them. I organized ALL NE massage therapists (not just AMTA- members), ALL licensure types, including, massage establishments and massage schools and then grouped them into their respective health districts and SENT that information to the proper contact at each health department. Don't worry, all of this is the info you have on record with the state. All we did was help the state and districts organize their own info.

Now what?

Your respective Health District will either contact you via the information you have on record with the state, or they will put out a general Tier 4 post on their website and social media.

I talk more about this in a video I posted last week on Facebook. For more info. Check out this AMTA- Covid19 Update Video

Please note:

I will update this post below as I get more information and further updates.

Please follow us on FB for updates as well.

Now, I CANNOT stress this enough:

Please DO NOT contact health departments at this time.

We beg you to be patient. Our health depts are already overwhelmed enough as it is.

Please note: individual phone calls and emails are likely not to be returned for days, or not at all if left with the wrong person.

We DO NOT want to do anything to annoy, nor add to these depts workloads. We want to make this as easy as possible for everyone.

Please utilize me as your first point of contact, if i am unable to answer your question outright, i will reach out to the proper contact on your behalf,

If you have an inquiry reach out via email to and I/we will do our best to answer questions or get ahold of the right person to help you.



In order to receive a Covid-19 vaccination you will need to take credentials to your vaccine appointment. This can include Your facility/work badge.

Most LMTs don’t have those so we suggest that you take a copy of your active license; Since all of you should have your active license on display at your respective work establishment or place of business per regulations anyway... that shouldn’t be an problem for most. However, If you need a replacement wallet sized copy visit.

Here are the updates we have received back from respective Nebraska Health Districts.

***Updated 2/14/21*** - districts are on to Phase 1B for first doses and already in second dose for Phase 1A. If you have NOT received a vaccine and would like to do so, you need to now contact your health district to see if you are still qualified. Some districts are still allowing healthcare professionals to receive 1st dose, some are not and you need to wait until general public.

Second dose info will be release by each district. Some are only posting on their website/social media, some are contacting you directly. Pfizer vaccine 2nd dose is 21 days after first while Moderna is 28 days. Please check your district's website for the most up to date info (linked below) Because everyone received their first dose at different times, we are no longer able to keep up with all the updates. What we are able to keep up with, we have posted.


Central Health District - Updated 1/21/21 They are contacting LMTs at this time

Dakota County - “May start Tier 4 as early as the week of Jan 11.” I sent LMTs the prescreen form on Jan 7. Check your emails if you fall within the Dakota County Health District.

Douglas Co. Updated 2/9/21

East Central - “just putting together contact lists.”

Elkhorn Logan Valley - Department sent email to LMTs 1/16/2021

Appointments are REQUIRED and the link to sign up for an appointment time for the vaccine can be found here:\

Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department will be having COVID-19 vaccine clinics using the Moderna vaccine on several upcoming dates/times at our Norfolk office location: 314 N 5th Street, Norfolk.

  • Vaccine dates are:

  • 1/19/21 (Tuesday): 8am – 10am AND 2pm – 5pm

  • 1/20/21 (Wednesday): 4pm – 6pm

  • 1/21/21 (Thursday): 7am – 11am

4 Corners - 1/15/2021 Survey sent to LMTs from AMTA-NE to determine how many are interested in getting the vaccine. fill out here

Lincoln/Lancaster - Updated 1/25/21 FINAL OPPORTUNITY for LMTS Friday Jan 29

Loup Basin - waiting on info

North Central -” UPDATE 1/13/2021 - determined massage therapy is not Tier 4 but opened up a waitlist for massage therapists to sign up if there is extra vaccine. Sign up at:

Northeast - Updated 1/21/21 They are contacting LMTs at this time

Panhandle - “contacting via email and/or phone” Update 1/20/21 Just thanked me for the LMT Contact list. Not sure of a timeline, but keep an eye out for emails.

Public Health Solutions - Update 1/21/21 PHS district is into Tier 4, but has an extremely limited supply. As they move through Tier 4-5 they would like to be able to open it up to LMTs. They asked we do a survey for people to let us know if they are interested. For those interested, we will share your info with the PHS so they can contact your when they have enough vaccine. Please fill this out ASAP.

Southwest - “on to Phase 1B. LMTs can signup on their website at any time

Sarpy/Cass - Updated 2/5/21 Below is the link to the survey to fill out. Choose the "therapist" category and fill out the rest of the information the best you can. Tell them you do accept referrals from other healthcare professionals and work with high risk clients in close proximity for extended periods of time, if this is the case for you and your practice. They will contact you.

South Heartland - “They are reaching out individually to do a quick survey, gage interest, and then reach out to schedule. They will call or email. They are in 1A Tier 3 as of 1/11/21. Look to be contacted in the next couple of weeks.”

SouthEast - waiting on info

Three Rivers - 2/5/21 1st dose - contact department directly. 2nd dose - look for email/signup genius

Two Rivers - From Two Rivers Planning Section Coordinator "We have made a request to the state for further definitions of how to address massage therapists and will get back to you."

We are working on figuring this out.

West Central - decided massage therapy is general population. We are following up.

For the latest news and updates on Covid-19 Vaccinations for Massage Therapists, keep tabs on our website at, as well as look for the latest updates on Facebook

*Please note, the covid vaccine is not required. AMTA and AMTA-NE do not have a stance on the vaccine. A large number of our members are looking for guidance navigating this situation and we have compiled this information to help them.

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