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LB16 is the third iteration of the same bill we have been fighting for 3 years now. And this is the same call to action we had earlier this year. There is a big push during the fall session to get this bill through and we need your help to have Massage Therapy removed from the bill. (More info on the bill below.)


Right now we are asking you just to make a few quick phone calls after 5:00pm and leave a voicemail for the senators listed below. We even have an easy script for you to follow. We would like them to get into the office Thursday, Friday, and Monday to voicemail boxes FULL of messages from LMTs across the state.


Hello Sen. ________

My name is ____________, I am a massage therapist in __(your town_) and I am calling in opposition to LB16 requiring occupational boards to issue certain credentials. This bill creates dangerous loopholes in licensing of massage therapists in Nebraska. Massage therapy, unlike many other healthcare professions, has a wide variation in education, ranging from 0 hours to Nebraska’s 1000 hours. This creates a wide discrepancy in competence and professionalism from state to state.

Nebraska has judicious reciprocity in place for massage therapy already - including temporary one year licensure for military spouses. Please do not put the public or profession at risk by dismantling the system put in place to keep us safe. Please exempt massage therapy from LB16.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Your Name

Your Town

Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee

Sen. Tom Brewer

District 43

(402) 471-2628

Sen. Raymond Aguilar

District 35

(402) 471-2627

Sen. Danielle Conrad

District 46

(402) 471-2720

Sen. Steve Halloran

District 33

(402) 471-2712

Sen. Megan Hunt

District 8

(402) 471-2722

Sen. John Lowe

District 37

(402) 471-2726

Sen. Jane Raybould

District 28

(402) 471-2633

Sen. Rita Sanders

District 45

(402) 471-2615

Others who have signed on:

Sen Dave Murman

District 38

(402) 471-2732

Sen Mike McDonnell

District 5


Call your senator

More About the Bill

This bill would allow anyone licensed, credentialed, apprenticed, or worked long enough without licensure (in another state without licensure requirements) as a massage therapist to practice in Nebraska .You can read it here.

As you know, massage therapy is very different from state to state - 0-1000 hours of education needed, some areas require passage of a national board exam while others allow the purchase of a business license to practice.

Nebraska Massage Therapy is a 1000 hour entry level licensure, and ALL Nebraska Licensed Massage Therapists are healthcare professionals. This is not the case in many states.

  • Educational hours range from 0 -1000 hours of entry level education throughout the country

  • Four states have absolutely no requirements to become a massage therapist - including Kansas and Wyoming.

  • Some states like Minnesota and California do not have requirements but some of their cities and counties do. Sometimes the requirement is simply a business license; other times minimal education is needed. The profession varies widely throughout these states.

  • Other states like Maryland, have multiple levels of massage licensure - the lower entry level requirements do not allow massage practitioners to work in healthcare settings.

Nebraska has already accounted for this discrepancy by having a judicious reciprocity process that was updated in 2021 to further ease the process. Reciprocity information is found in

LB16 designs dangerous loopholes in licensing of Nebraska massage therapists, creating discrepancy in competence and professionalism. It also dismantles Nebraska’s systems of protection against bad actors trying to use our profession as a front.

LB16 Page 10:

LB16 page 9

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