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AMTA-Nebraska Members Come together in Cleveland!

After a 2 year absence, due to the pandemic, AMTA- Nebraska returns to the 2022 AMTA-National Convention, held this year in Cleveland, OH. Newest member volunteer and elected secretary Chrys Whitmarsh was the first to arrive to attend the 2 -day Chapter Volunteer Orientation Program A.K.A CVOP. occurring on Monday and Tuesday. Several other volunteers, Including President Becky Ohlson, Board Member Briana Cudly, Education Chair Holly Doring, and Financial Administrator Mitchell Lowry-Lee arrived on Tuesday. To read more about Chrys's recap of this year's CVOP training <Click here to read his excerpt from that event.>

Wednesday began with the Assembly of Delegates Meeting Promptly at 8am. AMTA-Nebraska designate delegate Briana Cudly shares her feed back on how that meeting went HERE

Headed into the afternoon the Nebraska delegation congregated with hundreds of other chapter volunteers at the AMTA-Volunteer Reunion. Members and volunteers were honored along the honors wall for a long list of achievements. There listed were the names of the Chapter Meritorious Award recipients for 2020,2021, and 2022 since the pandemic had us all away for so long. Congrats again to Mitch, Lora, and Amber our chapter meritorious winners over the past 3 years.

Volunteer Keynote speaker: Kevin Carroll self proclaimed instigator of inspiration shared his message and left everyone with his 7 rules of the red rubber ball.

AMTA:National convention kicked off with keynote speaker, 23 time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps . Phelps talked about how massage was a vital part of his everyday elite athletic training protocols but also shared about the positive mental health aspects that massage has contributed to his life as well. Sadly he didn't stick around for photo ops, so we were sorta bummed by that.

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