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2023 Government Relations

It’s a new odd year which means we have a new legislature and a long session. This year runs January 4 through June 9, with 10 days to submit bills - one of which is our own bill.

Sen. Jen Day (District 49 - Papillion/Lavista area) is sponsoring a bill on our behalf updating the definition of massage therapy in Nebraska. It is a minor change to include it as a health care service for therapeutic purposes and to enhance wellness. This is typically a long process (think several years) so we are very excited to get the ball rolling.

We don’t yet know what other bills will be introduced concerning massage therapy, but no matter what we will need your help. This typically consists of

  • Phone calls

  • Letters

  • Emails

  • Testimonies - from LMTs, other healthcare professionals, clients, family, and friends.

Please keep an eye on your email, our website, facebook, and instagram for information as we progress through the session.


Facebook @amtanebraska

Instagram @amta_nebraska

I am also looking for GR Committee members. The time commitment is usually pretty low as tasks typically are helping me make spreadsheets, calling trees, social media shares, etc. Committee members sometimes help testify or contact senators/aides - not a requirement by any means, but often these members have a more in depth understanding of our standings/perspectives and are well suited to the task.

I am looking forward to continuing to move the profession forward and showing everyone why Nebraska is a leader in the profession. I hope you will join me because teamwork makes the dreamwork {corny I know, but truth}


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