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Nebraska DHM Update

The Nebraska state government is moving all Nebraska counties to Phase 4 of reopening on Monday Sept 14. For more Info on Phase 4 Directed Health Measures visit

This move to Phase 4 applies to every health department jurisdiction in the state. This lifts ALL state issued DHMs from Massage Therapy, but does not change local health measures, ie Lincoln and Omaha mask mandates. Phase 4 states, “Guidances remain and are highly recommended.

Massage Therapy is now in the same position as all other healthcare professions in the state, meaning LMTs are finally being trusted as the healthcare professionals we are, who follow best practices and recommendations put forward by our associations, health departments and local governments. AMTA and AMTA Nebraska Chapter have not changed our recommendations for best practices. The only change we are aware of with DHHS is updating the DHM mask mandate, although they still are highly recommending wearing masks.

You need to remain aware of your town and county health measures. Please stay vigilant about tracking your health district's risk dial and Nebraska's Rt factor (a key measure of how fast the virus is growing.) And as always, follow recommendations put forward by your local health department.

Keep in mind infection risk is higher in

  1. Enclosed and poorly ventilated spaces

  2. Crowds

  3. Close contact

  4. Extended amounts of time (10 min or more)

The typical massage therapy session involves ¾ of these risk factors. Because session time is difficult to change and proximity is impossible to change, we highly recommend and emphasize face coverings for everyone, open windows or run high quality air purifiers, and limit the number of people in the facility.

We wish you good health and success as we all move forward in this ever changing time of COVID-19.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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