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LB 314, LB 497, LB507, LB 508 Taxing Massage Therapy as a Personal Service

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

It's time! We still haven't finished going through all the bills, but it is time to start contacting the Revenue Committee.

LB314, LB 497, LB507 and LB508 want to tax massage therapy as a personal service. Please let the committee know ALL massage therapy is part of healthcare.

We have added contact info and a rubric graphic as well as contact info in a copy paste formate to make it easy. Please share across social media and/or print off and hand out.

Dear Family, Friends, Clients and Colleagues and other Healthcare Professionals

Please call, write, and email your state senator & the Revenue Committee about LB507 & LB508. Remind them Nebraska does not tax healthcare, and you do not want your healthcare taxed. Tell them Massage Therapy is part of your health care team, not a luxury or personal service.

With Sincere Thanks,__________________

Sen. Lou Ann Linehan, Chairperson District 39 Room #1305 PO Box 94604 Lincoln, NE 68509 402-471-2885

Sen. Tom Briese District 41Room #1019 PO Box 94604 Lincoln, NE 68509 402-471-2631

Sen. Sue Crawford District 45 Room #1012 PO Box 94604 Lincoln, NE 68509 402-471-2615

Sen. Curt Friesen District 34 Room #1308 PO Box 94604 Lincoln, NE 68509 402-471-2630

Sen. Mike Groene District 42Room #1306 PO Box 94604 Lincoln, NE 68509 402-471-2729

Sen. Mark Kolterman District 24 Room #2004 PO Box 94604Lincoln, NE 68509 402-471-2756

Sen. Brett Lindstrom District 18 Room #2015 PO Box 94604 Lincoln, NE 68509 402-471-2618

Sen. John McCollister District 20 Room #1017 PO Box 94604 Lincoln, NE 68509 402-471-2622

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