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Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Opposition to AM1936

The American Massage Therapy Association Nebraska Chapter is opposed to AM1936 to LB709. We are not opposed to LB709 as introduced, just the amendment.

AM1936 has taken portions of LB263 which we testified against in committee in 2021.

The massage therapy profession in the United States doesn’t have a national standard, requirements vary state by state, county by county, and even city by city. This makes uniform licensing impossible and a disservice to Nebraska public.

Nebraska Massage Therapy is a 1000 hour entry level licensure, and ALL licensed massage therapists are healthcare professionals. This is not the case in many states. For example,

Four states have absolutely no requirements to become a massage therapist - including Kansas and Wyoming.

  • Some states like Minnesota and California do not have requirements but some of their cities and counties do. Sometimes the requirement is simply a business license; sometimes education is needed. The profession varies widely throughout these states.

  • Other states like Maryland, have multiple levels of massage licensure - the lower entry level requirements do not allow massage practitioners to work in healthcare settings.

Nebraska has already accounted for this discrepancy by having a judicious reciprocity process, Reciprocity information is found in Universal Credentialing Act, Nebraska State Statute 38-129.02, Nebraska Massage Therapy Statute 38-1712 and DHHS Massage Therapy Regulations 172 NAC 81. And, per governor’s request, all occupational boards have been asked to update regulations and eliminate extra verbiage. Reciprocity is one section the Nebraska Board of Massage Therapy updated to streamline and further ease the process.

Because Nebraska Massage Therapy already has a fair and reasonable means of offering reciprocity to those seeking it, we ask you to reach out to senators telling them to reject AM1936 from LB709.

Who to contact

1. Sen. McCollister (402) 471-2622

2. Sen. Brewer (402) 471-2628

3. Your own senator

Here is an easy script

Hello Sen (____)

I am (name) and a massage therapist in (town) calling (or emailing) to voice my opposition to AM1936.

While I do not oppose LB 709 as introduced, I do oppose AM 1936. This amendment is not needed for Massage Therapists and other professions under the Universal Credentialing Act. Nebraska State Statute 38-129.02, 38-1712 and DHHS Regulations 172 NAC 81 all clearly define reciprocity requirements for Massage Therapy in Nebraska. AM 1936 creates loopholes in reciprocity, allowing individuals to practice in Nebraska without regard to educational requirements. This creates a major discrepancy in licensure and expectations of professionals, and opens doors to bad actors. Please reject AM 1936 to LB 709

Thank you for your time and consideration



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