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UPDATE 2nd dose COVID-19 Vaccine


Districts are on to Phase 1B for first doses and already in second dose for Phase 1A. If you have NOT received a vaccine and would like to do so, you need to contact your health district to see if you are still qualified. Some districts are still allowing healthcare professionals to receive 1st dose, some are not and you need to wait until general public.

Second dose info will be release by each district. Some are only posting on their website/social media, some are contacting you directly. Pfizer vaccine 2nd dose is 21 days after first while Moderna is 28 days. Please check your district's website for the most up to date info (linked below) Because everyone received their first dose at different times, we are no longer able to keep up with all the updates. What we are able to keep up with, we have posted.



Central Health District - contacting you directly

Dakota County - contacting you directly

Douglas Co. Updated 2/9/21

East Central - contacting you directly

Elkhorn Logan Valley - contacting you directly

4 Corners - contacting you directly

  • If you didn't get your 1st dose prior to Friday Jan 29, you will be moved to general population.

  • 2nd dose - email/text with info about your second dose

Loup Basin - contacting you directly

North Central - contacting you directly

Northeast - contacting you directly

Panhandle - contacting you directly

Public Health Solutions - contacting you directly

Southwest - contacting you directly

South Heartland - contacting you directly

SouthEast - contacting you directly

  • 1st dose - contact department directly.

  • 2nd dose - look for email/signup genius

Two Rivers - contacting you directly

West Central - decided massage therapy is general population

*Please note, the covid vaccine is not required. A large number of our members are looking for guidance navigating this situation and we have compiled this information to help them.

For the latest news and updates on Covid-19 Vaccinations for Massage Therapists, keep tabs on our website at, as well as look for the latest updates on Facebook

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