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LB347 Action Needed Immediately!

Reflexology bill LB 347 moved to General File.

We need your participation to prevent it from being added to the consent calendar.

In our survey of members the VAST majority was against this proposition when it first came to the table. Despite this, we had very little participation while the bill was in committee this year, so it has moved forward.

We NEED your help to keep it from moving forward to the consent calendar this session. Please take a moment to write a very quick email to Sen. Jim Scheer Feel free to copy and paste.


Sen. Jim Scheer

District 19

Rm 2010

PO BOX 94604

Lincoln NE 68509

Dear Sen. Scheer,

I am writing to expresses my continued opposition to LB 347 (removing reflexology from the scope of massage therapy and deregulating reflexology altogether) and ask it not be considered for inclusion on the Consent Calendar.

Thank you for your time.




Here is a link to our original member letter outlining why we are in opposition to this bill. This is only for your review. This info DOES NOT need to be included in the letter to Sen. Scheer at this point, and is actually better if not included right now.

Let's pull together, make some noise, and ensure we keep this one from moving forward any further.

We may be small but we are mighty.

Alone we can do so little - together we can do so much. (Hellen Keller)

TEAMWORK: A few harmless flakes working together to unleash an avalanche of destruction. (Justin Sewell)

These are our mantras. I cannot do this without you. The leadership board cannot do this without you.

Your voice matters.

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