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2022 Virtual Cadaver Lab Tour & Workshop

Updated: May 19, 2022

AMTA- Nebraska in association with UNMC-Kearney wants to invite you to attend its 2022 Virtual Cadaver Lab Tour & Workshop Wednesday July 13th, 2022.

There are 2 events planned for this day: A virtual tour of the UNMC-Kearney cadaver lab at 12:00 PM (CST) followed by an informative Cadaver Workshop led by Satera Nelson, MS, exploring the Anatomy of Anterior and Lateral Neck at 7pm (CST)

This event is open to ALL massage students, LMT's and other healthcare professionals and the best part is its TOTALLY FREE!!! The education is FREE and it is 100% Odor FREE!

Earn 2 FREE CE's just for attending both virtual events

To RSVP to attend one or both of these informative events CLICK BELOW

More details about this informative event below

UNMC- Virtual Cadaver Lab Tour- 12 PM (CST)

This class session will provide the participant knowledge of expectations when attending a future live cadaver workshop session. The instructor will provide a guided, visual tour of the UNMC-Kearney anatomy learning labs that current college students utilize for learning, the cadaver donation process, and the confidentiality of the cadaver's life and health. Also, the instructor will share tips on preparing for the sights and smells of a cadaver lab. There will be time allowed for questions throughout the session.

UNMC- Virtual Cadaver Workshop: Anatomy of Anterior and Lateral Neck- 7 PM (CST)

This class session will explore the complex relationship of muscles, neurovasculature, glands, and fascial layers in the cervical region. Muscle action and innervation will be covered in detail. The action of swallowing and the structures involved will also be discussed. The course will focus on anterior and lateral neck structures, but we may add in discussion of posterior neck muscles as time allows.

About your Cadaver Lab Guide:

Satera Nelson, MS

Satera was born and raised in Nebraska. She obtained her bachelor’s degrees in Nutrition Science and Ethnic Studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2013. After graduating, She then worked as a teaching assistant for Human Anatomy at the same university for 2.5 years. Simultaneously, She worked for VisionWorks as an optometrist technician. She then continued her education with a masters in Medical Anatomy from the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) in 2017 and began working for UNMC as a faculty member in the College of Allied Health just a couple of months later. She works at the UNMC satellite campus in Kearney, NE teaching anatomy to PA, PT, OT, and radiography students. She is also the director of the anatomy lab in Kearney. Outside of work, Satera loves spending time with her younger cousins and nephew.

"We are an active bunch and like taking walks, kayaking, and riding our bikes together. I absolutely love traveling and learning about/experiencing other cultures (hence my Ethnic Studies major). I speak several foreign languages and am constantly looking for opportunities to practice them. I look forward to meeting you all!"-Satera Nelson, MS

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