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national massage therapy awareness week

Sunday October 25th, 2020

Sports Panel

When: Sunday, Oct. 25th at 7pm-8pm (cst)

via Zoom


AMTA-NE will Host

Ashton Lambie and Chuck Kasson. 


These athletes will be sharing their insights on how massage has been a part of their training program for their specific sport. 

If you’ve ever wondered, ‘do those athletes enjoy their massage?’ or ‘how many times do they receive a massage?’ or even ‘have they received a bad massage?’ - this event will answer those questions and more. 

Brad Decker will be the moderator for the discussion.  The event will last for about 1 hour, it is free, no CE’s will be awarded.  Door prizes will be given for those in attendance (names will be entered at the beginning, drawn at the end of the event, then mailed out to you)

Tuesday OCtober 27th, 2020

Student DaY

When: Tuesday, Oct. 27th at 9am-10am (cst)

via Zoom

AMTA-NE will host an event dedicated to our future massage therapists. 


Massage Therapy students are specifically invited to attend, but we encourage all licensed massage therapists to attend and get acquainted with our future colleagues. 


We will discuss the benefits of being a graduate in NE, some of the history behind our profession, share networking insights, and talk about mentorship


thursday October 29th, 2020

PeEr To Peer DaY

When: Thursday, Oct. 29th at 7pm-8pm (cst)

via Zoom


AMTA-NE will host an event dedicated to all those hard working massage professionals across the state. 

We will discus how the massage profession has seen significant growth in recent years regarding research and acceptance of massage in healthcare settings. 


We also want to discuss barriers that you see the massage profession needing to break down for future success? as well as

What does success look like to you for our profession?  We hope you can join the conversation.


Sunday November 1st, 2020

Planning Panel

When: Sunday, Nov. 1st at 7pm-8pm (cst)

via Zoom


We invite all members to join in and help us develop our 70th anniversary year long celebration in 2021. 


Bring your ideas, thoughts, input on how we can celebrate this momentous occasion for our chapter. 


We have a major obstacle that we have to continue to work around for the unforeseen future, but thankfully we have creative therapists out there who know how to still celebrate!

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