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Community Service Massage Team

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Outreach Chairperson - Open

Emergency Response Chairperson - Open

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Touching lives in times of need.

CSMT Chair Description

Community Service Massage Team Chair is responsible for leading the chapter's effort to take massage therapy to populations and communities that may be under utilizing or not yet making use of massage therapy.

1. Develop and submit to the chapter board, a plan for chapter outreach programs for the coming year and a proposed budget.

2. Identify opportunities and seek approval from the chapter board for chapter members to work with special populations.

3. Coordinate logistics of outreach events and the activities of chapter members participating in events.

If you are interested in this position please contact Becky Ohlson for more details. 

CSMT chair description


We respond to the needs of the communities within Nebraska with the power of compassionate, professional touch in order to promote the health and welfare of humanity.

Our purpose is to participate in fundraising activities for charitable organizations as an expression of its mission to serve the greater good of the community and the massage therapy profession.
To provide opportunities for our members to connect and promote the massage therapy profession in a positive way within their communities through health awareness and community outreach.
The Mission of the AMTA-NE Chapter Community Service Massage Team is dedicated to making a positive difference in the health and welfare of the public of NE through the power of compassionate, professional touch offered through the art and science of massage therapy. CSMT provides and supports committed volunteers who uphold standards of excellence to partner with community fundraising, charity and outreach events.

The CSMT members find the events to be rewarding in many ways. Not only do they get to network within the massage community; they get to give back to the community as a whole, which in turn warms their hearts and gives them a good feeling.

CSMT Purposte


Be a leader and resource in massage response in the community
Create the standard by which massage therapy at charitable and community events is measured
Promote massage therapy throughout the community
Introduce and educate the community about massage by participating at charitable events
Provide CSMT members with a safe and satisfying opportunity to volunteer
Enhance the personal growth and professional development of amta-ne members
Increase visibility of amta-ne therapists and assist members in promoting themselves
Promote the visibility of amta-ne and the massage therapy profession
Be aligned with governmental and non-governmental agencies
CSMT Volunteer
The Community Service Massage Team is looking for massage therapists to become leaders and volunteer members in all regions in the state. The Team will offer chair massage to raise money for local, community based organizations. In this way, AMTA-NE can reach out and truly help those in need. We will not only raise money for larger organizations, but also those individuals who are in need. The organizations and individuals we have helped are very grateful for AMTA-NE support. Not only do we extend our compassion, we help introduce massage to those who may never have entertained the idea of getting one.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Community Service Massage Team member for the American Massage Therapy Association – Nebraska Chapter and for actively participating in your Chapter’s efforts to give back to the community, educate the public about the benefits of massage therapy and to publicize the AMTA-NE Chapter as a resource for finding massage therapists.

CSMT Goals

Membership Critera


  • Be actively licensed in the state of Nebraska and carry your own liability insurance


  • Complete the required training course

  • Participate in one event during your training year.

  • To maintain NECSMT Member status you must participate in two NECSMT events per calendar year

  • For the Emergency division, one of these must be one deployment, a mock deployment, or a training class per calendar year.

  • Follow guidelines for NECSMT behavior when participating at events.



  • Business cards of team members at every event

  • Free CSMT tee shirt upon completing two events

  • Team Members: Education voucher $25 for every 2 events worked. (Max $100)



  • Be a Student AMTA member in good standing.

  • Be currently enrolled in a massage training program approved by the State, or have graduated from a massage training program with license applied for and/or pending.

  • Students currently attending a massage training program must be accompanied by a school clinic supervisor if doing hands-on work. Auxiliary and administrative work may be done by non-supervised students and those graduates with license pending.

  • Sign an agreement to abide by the designated dress code, standards of conduct, and established procedures while representing the AMTA-NE Chapter at community events.

CSMT membership
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